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Air Pollution Is Associated With Elevated Risk Of Glaucoma

According to a new study, living in a severely polluted area is linked with a higher chance of having glaucoma, which is a devastating eye condition that may cause blindness. New UCL-led research in the U.K. stated that people in neighborhoods with greater amounts of fine PM (particulate matter) pollution were 6% more prone to report of having glaucoma compared to those in the least polluted regions. The study was published in the journal Investigative Ophthalmology & Visual Science. Professor Paul Foster—Study’s Lead Author from the UCL—said, “We found yet another rationale why air pollution must be declared as a public health priority, and that avoiding certain sources of air pollution can be useful for eye health next to other health apprehensions.”

Professor Foster added, “Whilst we cannot verify yet that the connection is contributory, we expect to continue our research to find out whether air pollution does certainly lead to glaucoma, and to determine if there are any preventive strategies that can aid people in reducing their exposure to air pollution to lessen the health risks.” Reportedly, glaucoma is the major cause of irreversible blindness and worldwide it affects more than 60 million people. It normally occurs from an accumulation of pressure from fluid in the eye, inducing harm to the optic nerve that connects the brain to the eye.

On a similar note, of late it was stated that the health burden of glaucoma has surged worldwide. The health trouble of glaucoma has constantly amplified across the globe in the last 25 years, according to a study from the journal Acta Ophthalmological. The greater burdens were linked with older age and lower socioeconomic levels. Besides, being female and exposure to higher ambient ultraviolet radiation, air pollution was notably connected with an elevated burden of glaucoma.

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