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JAXA To Construct Lunar Rover To Use In NASA’s Artemis Moon Mission

Reportedly, Japan has signed on as an associate in NASA’s imminent Artemis operation to the Moon, taking charge of a crewed lunar rover and a pilotless space vehicle for the expeditions. The space vehicle will transport supplies from the Moon to the lunar space station, labeled as the Gateway. JAXA—the Japanese space agency—will utilize the data achieved from its partnership with the ISRO (Indian Space Research Organisation) to develop the rover for the Artemis mission. The two space agencies are partnering on a JAXA project known as the SLIM (Smart Lander for Investigating the Moon). JAXA would also be presenting the fuel control pumps, batteries, and also the oxygen and nitrogen tanks checked in the ISS (International Space Station), for Gateway, as reported by Nikkei Asian Review.

The pilotless Japanese HTV-X space vehicle would be utilized for refueling and for resupply operations for Gateway. The HTV-X will be dispensed on a Japan’s H3 rocket and is prepared for a maiden lift off in the next year. Japan has also inked on the part of the expenditure for the Artemis mission. NASA’s Artemis program to take human beings to the Moon again came 50 Years subsequent to the Apollo missions. The mission will be made up of the Orion spaceship, the lunar rover that the astronauts will utilize to travel around on the Moon and a small spacecraft that will remain in the lunar’s orbit called Gateway.

Similarly, JAXA was in news as the space agency plans to set up a collaborative streaming studio on the ISS. Allegedly, JAXA is partnering with SKY Perfect JSAT Corporation and Bascule to build up a studio on the space station that will offer two-way live broadcast video feeds from 2020. This studio is a part of the J-SPARC (JAXA Space Innovation through Partnership and Co-Creation) initiative and its aim is to help promote the commercial progress of “space media businesses.”

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