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Firewatch Crew Puts Its Next Game On Hold To Work On Valve Games

Did you get anxious when various ex-Campo Santo creators removed the references from their Twitter profiles of In the Valley of Gods? Your fear may have been vindicated, even though it is not as bad as it seems. Jake Rodkin (Studio co-founder) has disclosed that the group has paused In the Valley of Gods while its different members collaborate on other projects by Valve, comprising Dota Underlords, Half-Life: Alyx, and Steam. Rodkin distinguished it as a voluntary change—Valve was not obliging the creators to operate on its current games.

As Rodkin clarified, Valve acutely does allow developers to collaborate on the projects they love. Some of the former Campo team began by helping on Alyx, for instance, and that jumped to permanent work as the VR title approached nearer to its March launch. The Firewatch crew’s expertise of first-person adventures is “pretty applicable” for the latest Half-Life titles, to no one’s shock.

This does not mean that Gods has ended. Rodkin claimed that it was a title users “may and can return to.” With that claimed, you may not need to wait. A valve is infamous for allowing titles to fade away when it turns its focus elsewhere, and it surely has a lot on its plate currently.

On a relegated note, after a one-month, brisk beta, the new Remote Play Together feature by Valve is now accessible to all Steam consumers. As the name recommends, it lets you and almost 3 other buddies to play split-screen titles with each other over the web. It imitates the experience of playing a game with a group of friends on the couch by capturing inputs of your friends and then broadcasting it back to your machine. Once you are in-game, you can speak with your friends using voice chat.

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