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Our Team

Phillip Brodsky

Phillip, even after possessing the Manager’s post, still believes in expressing himself through his articles. In the Industry News Daily publication, the business domain is in the reign of him. The keen interest in obtaining more of facts related to finance, business, and marketing have helped him in aiding change the total interface of the publication. The years of experience after graduating in Commerce has not stopped him from becoming a writer.


Phone: +1 800-336-9018

Ashley Walker

Ashley was a part of a very reputed editorial publication prior to joining the Industry News Daily publication. Her 4 Years of experience in the field of writing health articles is no surprise as the perfection in lexis is seen the articles. After the keenness in reading books related to medicinal aspects like Unani, Vedas, and more did she realize the inclination towards this sector and is thus still glued on to it.


Phone: +1 800-922-2889

Sanford Stamey

Sanford’s completion in Robotics course followed by a Degree in Computers was the reason for him to switch to content writing. His love for book and pen has encouraged the writer to explore the content field. The liking towards reading technology-related subjects or engineering the devices is something that is currently proving to be righteous. Though Industry News Daily publication is his first experience, it does not prove to pull him down from providing some of the best of the tech reports for the publication.


Phone: +1 800-401-5771

Shana Moorer

After completion of BA Astronomy, Shana thought of shifting her interest towards content writing owing to her hobby of writing down factual stories. The writer’s education has only helped know more about the space and planets, and express them through her articles. Her experience in the current field is immense as well as a plus point for the Industry News Daily publication. The author’s massive amount of articles is a mirror of her dedication.


Phone: +1 800-516-9281

Editorial Staff Emails & Contact Information

Phillip Brodsky:- | +1 800-336-9018 

Ashley Walker:- | +1 800-922-2889 

Sanford Stamey:- | +1 800-401-5771 

Shana Moorer:- | +1 800-516-9281

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