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Texas Has Planned To Make Way For T-Mobile And Sprint Merger

Texas has decided to back off and give way for the merging of the T-Mobile and Sprint. The state has come up with an effective decision for both companies. Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton has agreed that he will be dissolving the lawsuit filed against T-mobile in August to block its $26.5 Billion deal if in return T-Mobile commits to build a 5G network throughout the state. The Federal Communications Commission has already made it public that they have officially approved the deal at the start of the month and to top it all, the Department of Justice has also nodded its head for the deal.

However, not to our surprise but the attorneys general from 14 states and the District of Columbia are against the merger. There are 25 attorneys general who have filed similar lawsuits as the merger is expected to hamper the business and current raging competition. The number of attorneys general against the deal seems to be dropping. The states like Colorado, Mississippi, and others have already settled with T-Mobile. In the Manhattan federal court, the trial is expected to commence from December 9, 2019. T-Mobile is trying its best to get the approval from all the attorneys general. The end of the deal is going to be worth a wait.

Parallelly, T-Mobile’s parent company Deutsche Telekom has recently sent a warning letter to the Lemonade, a small insurance company, accusing it of using the color magenta. The company has earlier had a similar color-based legal dispute with a British IT firm, a now-defunct smartwatch maker, and AT&T. T-Mobile just does not want to have its customers confused over the color. The companies claiming ownership over the color is a huge dilemma for the court. But, there are many companies that want to protect their distinctive hues like Tiffany’s blue and Cadbury’s purple. Thus, the outcome of T-Mobile and Lemonade’s dispute will be anticipated by many.

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