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Firefox Receives PiP Video Playback For Windows

One of the most difficult things to do is watching a video while multitasking. Even if you open a video in a new tab, you regularly have to keep moving it so it’s not blocked around your screen by your screen’s clutter. The new Picture-in-Picture feature by Mozilla for Firefox pins just about any clip to your display and stops other windows or tabs from blocking it.

Once you have downloaded the latest Firefox edition, hover over a clip and a blue “PiP” feature will emerge on the screen. Tap the option and the clip will open in a private player that you can move around as required. The functionality is only accessible on the Windows edition of the browser, but it will arrive on Linux and Mac edition in January 2020, as per the firm.

While having a different monitor might possibly be the best way to keep one eye on work tasks and the other on a video, it is not an alternative for everybody and might be almost unfeasible for laptop consumers on the go. PiP mode can be a good retreat. Just make certain you have got a swift trigger finger for when your boss enters.

On a related note, earlier in June, Firefox rolled out Enhanced Tracking Protection. It is a function that makes an effort to defend your privacy by banning countless 3rd-party trackers. With this update, Firefox now offers a dashboard that tells exactly how the app goes about defending your personal data.

You can use the dashboard by either tapping on the shield situated adjacent to the address bar, or by clicking on the “Privacy Protections” menu item after clicking on the 3 lines logo. This will show you an everyday overview of all the 3rd-party cookies the browser has banned.

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