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T-Mobile Accuses Lemonade Of Using Its Trademarked Color

A small insurance company found itself in a huge dilemma after it was accused of something that they were unaware of. The small company had been given a letter from the lawyers of T-Mobile—a leading telecom company—which seemed more or less like a joke. But, it was something that the company had to seriously deal with. The parent company of T-Mobile Deutsche Telekom had accused Lemonade of stealing its trademark. However, the accusation was not concerned with its logo or tagline but instead with the color. The color magenta was the issue here. The company is in disbelief that companies can accuse others of color usage.

Lemonade has been using magenta in almost all its branding and to be precise it is pink. However, the concern is can people trademark colors. T-Mobile has had a similar battle with other companies as well. In 2014, AT&T was sued for using a shade of plum that is almost similar to magenta. The other companies including a British IT firm and a bygone smartwatch maker had also been pulled into the court by T-Mobile. As T-Mobile has many businesses other than its wireless service, it feels it necessary to avoid confusion for the customers. T-Mobile CEO John Legere is so much into the color that he wears a magenta T-shirt & customized magenta sneakers and to top it all, he has dyed his hair magenta. The current problem is that claiming ownership over color is somewhat unnecessary. But, there are many companies like Owens Corning, Cadbury, and Tiffany have trademarked their respective colors. Thus, the battle between T-Mobile and Lemonade only seems to get sour with time.

On a parallel note, the T-Mobile is now free of stumbling blocks and can collaborate with Sprint after Texas has decided to back off by dissolving the lawsuit of $26.5 Billion deal filed against T-Mobile. The company has agreed to build a 5G network throughout the state and thus, the state has decided to officially approve the deal. The Department of Justice has also given a green signal. But, there are few attorney generals who are opposing the merger and T-Mobile is trying its best to convince all.

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