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Nvidia Plans To Integrate Artificial Intelligence In The Healthcare Systems

Nvidia Corp. has recently decided to integrate artificial intelligence (AI) into the technologies or systems used in the healthcare industry. The basic reason behind introducing a new distributed learning technique is to help train the machine learning models to secure patient privacy. The industries like health care need technologies like AI to tackle the data breach issues that are amplifying. The biggest challenge is that the data vital to train the models are usually private, which means no detail can be shared with the technology partners. The organization has made it clear that its latest Clara Federated Learning technique is the solution to all the problems. The technique ensures that the patent data are safe and sound at the hands of the healthcare providers’ systems 24×7.

Clara FL is a reference application for distributed AI training that is made for Nvidia’s recently launched EGX intelligent edge computing application. The systems are found to be capable of locally carrying out deep learning training at the network edge which is a reservoir for data. There is no need for making any positional changes as well. Clara FL can handle multiple systems present at different locations to form more precise, global models. The technique is already being used by many healthcare providers like UCLA Health, the American College of Radiology, and King’s College London. The “NVIDIA Clara AI-Assisted Annotation” software development kit is integrated with Fovia, 3D slicer, Philips Intellispace Discovery, and MITK. The idea of using transfer learning methods and pre-trained programs is considered to help radiologists during complex 3D studies and labeling. The newer version named Clara AGX has been introduced to understand the integration of AI inference and 3D visualization with medical devices.

Likewise, artificial intelligence is found to be monstrous as it is being used to spy or gain control over certain systems for all wrong reasons. In China, AI and facial recognition technologies are being embraced to help gain access to personal data and also to aid the government to tighten its hold over the freedom of speech and information search option. A team from Stanford in 2017 had developed an algorithm that was trained to identify a person whether gay or not through just a photograph. Thus, AI seems to be being used for persecution.

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